Faire Chaluim MhicLeoid / The Wake of Calum MacLeod

Directed by Marc Almon

Produced by Nona MacDermid

Edited by Shawn Beckwith


When his children left home years ago, renowned storyteller Calum MacLeòid lost not only his family but his most treasured audience. One stormy night, Calum confronts the Baron of the Wind, a mystical being from his stories, and demands his children be returned. The old man promptly falls dead. From distant points the MacLeòids assemble to attend their father’s wake. But the deceased Calum has a surprise ending in store for them yet.


Nominated for a Genie Award for best live action short film, The Wake of Calum MacLeod is a historic venture into one of the world’s most renowned oral storytelling cultures.


Shot in the spectacular highlands of Cape Breton and featuring Gaelic storyteller Aonghas MacLeòid and music by internationally-acclaimed signer Mary Jane Lamond, The Wake of Calum MacLeod is a true original, “a short film but a big deal … a beautifully made, intense version of a short but tall tale.” (The Globe and Mail)


Produced with a grant awarded by bravoFACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent), a division of Bell Media Inc.