Bone Cage

Director: Taylor Olson

Producer: Melani Wood

Director of Photography: Kevin Fraser

Editor: Shawn Beckwith


Jamie works operating a wood processor, clear-cutting for pulp. At the end of each shift, he walks through the destruction he has created looking for injured animals, and rescues those he can. Jamie's desire to break free from this world is thwarted by the very environment and circumstance he's trying to escape.


Arts NS Emerging Artist Recognition Award, 2020 for Taylor Olson

FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2020

Gordon Parsons Award for Best Atlantic Feature Film

Michael Weir Award for Best Atlantic Screenwriting

Best Atlantic Director

Best Atlantic Cinematography

Festival Internacional de Cine Sobre El Trabajo, Construir Cine:

Best International Narrative  Feature 

Queens World Film Festival:

Best Narrative Feature

Best Male Actor in a Narrative Feature (Taylor Olson)

Kansas City FilmFest International:

Best Actor (Taylor Olson)

World-Fest Houston:

Remi Award: Best First Feature

Ellensburg FIlm Festival:

Best Narrative Feature

Sherman Oaks Film Festival:

Best Feature Film – Drama

Best Lead Actor (Taylor Olson)

Best Cast

Best Cinematography

New Jersey International Film Festival:

Best Narrative Feature

Silver Wave Film Festival

Audience Choice Award

Montelupo Fiorentino International Independent Film Festival 2021

Best Editing

Oil Valley Film Festival:

Best Lead Actor (Taylor Olson)

Wallachia Int’l Film Festival:

Best Sound

Mosaic Film Festival of Arts and Culture

Best Feature Film

Long Island International Film Expo:

Best Editing

Cuenca International Film Festival:

Best Feature Film

New Renaissance Film Festival:

Best International Feature

Alberquerque Film & Music Experience 

Best Narrative Feature 

Hamilton Film Festival: 

Best Feature Film

Best Actor for Taylor Olson

Best Editing

The Indie Gathering 

Runner Up Best Feature 

Beyond Earth Film Festival: 

Best Dramatic Feature Film

ACTRA Maritimes

Outstanding Performance, 2 wins: Taylor Olson, Ursula Calder